Facility Management

facility management and protection of sensitive installations

A renowned facility management company (Mustard Seed Basic Options Limited) has merged with Voltron Intelligence to form an unrivalled team that gives your facility a world class professional touch and best protection that maximizes the performance of client’s facilities and make their dreams come through.

We are always focused on getting the best out of your property and helping you reach your corporate objectives. We develop and appraise options which achieve: alignment of FM delivery to your core business objectives, optimization of FM delivery to ensure value for your money and provide options tailored to your own unique context. The scope of our facility management services includes: regular routine inspection, identification and rectification of building defects, occupation relations/interface management, strategic and tactical management, security patrols and surveillance equipment installation/manning, burglary and alarm systems and command center establishment. Our facility management consultancy service covers: facility management review, facility audit/condition survey, life cycle asset development and procurement management. It also involves budgeting, planning, executing, reporting and review of the facility maintenance functions.

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