Specialized Services

Our clients' risk profiles are unique to their business environments, with security needs that often extend beyond traditional Uniformed Security Service. We are a single source security provider with the capabilities to meet diverse security needs. As an international security and risk mitigation services provider to customers in a range of industries and geographic locations, Voltron Intelligence' portfolio includes: personal protection/threat management; special event security; a range of consulting and investigation services; background screening services; and disaster and emergency response to the private and public sector. Additionally, Voltron Intelligence provides training to numerous clients in the field of security management, asset protection and first-aid. Our specialized service programs are managed and deployed by seasoned professionals, with decades of experience in each service area, providing broad-spectrum solutions that meet our clients' unique enterprise objectives and help mitigate security and asset protection vulnerabilities. In addition to the above core service areas, in select markets, Voltron Intelligence provides alarm monitoring and patrol services, as well as other specialized asset protection services that complement our clients' need for both preventive and reactive security support.

Background Screening

Employment Background Screening, Your Way

Hire reputable workers with solid backgrounds by utilizing employment reference checks and substance abuse testing from Voltron Intelligence.

Through a unique consultative approach, we help you deploy and manage a successful screening program that you can easily operate with one of our secure technologies and offering industry-specific screening solutions.

So why is the industry talking so much about the Voltron Intelligence Solution?  We help you work smarter while providing the industry’s fastest turnaround and the highest quality results. Plus, by leveraging our secure screening platform, we can reduce your screening costs.

Name and Address verification

We go the extra mile in verifying from local government to your staff current address.

Reference Checks

Employment Reference Checks
Voltron Intelligence screens potential employees by accessing previous workplace databases, check out their referees and by calling the Human Resources departments or supervisors of the applicant’s previous employers.

Education Reference Check
Ensure that your applicant has a solid educational background screening by performing an education reference check. Voltron Intelligence is equipped to validate degrees or certificates from accredited schools or universities.

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