we are solution-oriented, aim at putting a smile on the face of our clients.

Voltron Intelligence supplies a comprehensive range of specialist consultancy, training and products at the cutting-edge of technology. Due to our close client and end user relationships, Voltron Intelligence have developed a broad range of specialist techniques including a number of unique concepts and products that have been designed to overcome many challenges in ever changing times. Our team of consultants utilize extensive experience within the security and intelligence industry to provide clients with unparalleled security solutions, deep due diligence and discreet investigative services. Currently our clientele include government agencies, corporate bodies and private individuals.
Providing life saving advice and guidance
Voltron Intelligence provides clients with a comprehensive, turnkey consulting service.
Our consultants are able to turn their vast field experience in physical security, information security and the implementation of technological aids, into extensive solutions. Our team is committed to tailoring specific customer orientated, cost-effective, business friendly solutions that address modern day threats.  
Our consulting department provides the following services:

Our past projects include consulting for: government facilities, international corporations with multiple locations and travelers, high risk and hazardous industries, large scale private projects, crisis management, armed conflict and civil unrest.

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