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Don’t be left in the dark. Know who you are dealing with

Background Check Investigators That Dig Deep

Unfortunately, there are a lot of untrustworthy people out there. Sometimes, someone in our lives has a history they want to keep secret. You have the right to know who you’re dealing with, whether it’s a family member, dating prospect, business partner or neighbor – it’s better to know than to be unpleasantly surprised. By exercising your right to hire a background investigator, you can unearth the truth about the individual’s past and make better decisions on who you allow into your (and your family’s) life.

Case Studies

Dating Safety Case

A young woman became concerned about her live-in boyfriend’s behavior. After she contacted Voltron Intelligence to look into his background, we found evidence that the man was arrested for assault on a child and other serious crimes. The woman left immediately.

Personal Background Case

A woman who was concerned about identity theft contacted us to run a background check on herself. A database check found that someone had used her passport number fraudulently. She contacted the bank and was informed that N153000 in credit card fees had been charged in her name. The bank immediately removed the charges.

Love Is Blind – Don’t Get Blindsided

Entering a romantic relationship is a long-term commitment, and your “other half” will be in contact with the people in your life who matter most. To keep friends and family safe, it’s important to know that the person you’re involved with is as honest and trustworthy as they make themselves out to be.

When you can’t shake the feeling that something is “wrong” with a potential boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé, a background investigation conducted by a private investigator will help you unearth any untruths you may have been told.

Our background investigations for relationships can be helpful for:

Insurance For Your Future

We’ve all heard stories of individuals and businesses being robbed of their assets by someone they knew personally.

Even people with good instincts about others can be taken advantage of. In some cases, it costs them their life savings and puts their retirement in jeopardy. In other cases, a business partner or prospect may not be all they seem. Why not let Voltron Intelligence do a background investigation on someone before you invest, buy, or make a life-changing decision? Think of it as insurance for your future.

Late Night What-If’s

Whether you’re concerned about a family member’s safety or your personal identity being used maliciously, concerns about safety and privacy can keep you up at night.

It’s the not knowing that will keep you up at night worrying and going over possible scenarios. We know how difficult it can be when you need answers. You don’t have to waste another sleepless night. It can be difficult to function, hard to sleep, and become a burden on your shoulders. We can help. Voltron Intelligence specializes in getting you the answers you need. Don’t live another day with so many questions and uncertainties.

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