Missing PersonWho do you need to find

Perhaps it’s a loved one that’s been missing for years or maybe it’s someone you need to serve legal papers to and they have gone into hiding.

Regardless of the situation, one this is for certain: our private investigators help find missing persons all the time. Whether it’s tracking down someone who needs to be served papers, finding a debtor, or looking for a lost loved one, we do it all. Voltron Intelligence has a very high success rate at finding people.

We understand how important it is for you to find the person that you are looking for.

We genuinely care about your situation and want to develop a plan to help you. Our greatest asset is our persistence and determination when we are looking for someone. We don’t quit – We don’t give up – And we approach each situation with compassion and expertise.

No matter what your situation, even if you feel hopeless, we encourage you to call us today. We are ready to hear your very important situation and offer solutions to get you the answers you need.

Our Successful Missing Persons Searches Include

We hunted a missing person down who was hiding from service, and served him papers while he was pumping gas. We have tracked down individuals who ran away with children. We have also looked for a teenage runaway and an individual who had been lost for over 12 years. In every case, we were either able to find the person or provide the client with critical information about where the individual might be.

Tracking someone down is extremely difficult for someone with little experience and can lead to nothing but a dead end if the search is conducted without the help of a professional private investigator. By working with Voltron Intelligence, you’ll have the support of private investigators with years of experience and a high success rate of finding missing individuals.

Needing to find someone can feel overwhelming and stressful. At Voltron Intelligence, we have helped countless clients by successfully tracking down individuals who were deemed unindable, impossible, hopeless cases, or lost causes. Simply put, we are experts at finding people who just can’t be found. When locating a person, we employ a wide variety of proprietary investigative tools and combine the world of technology with traditional Detective work. We typically get many calls from people who are trying to find someone. Often times, these requests for service are for very different reasons. The process of finding someone is called a ‘Skip Trace’ ‘Locate’ or a ‘Skip.’

One of the most common reasons we receive requests for locating someone is for serving that person court papers. In many circumstances, our clients have spent a lot of time and resources looking for someone so that they can serve them with court papers. Often times, our clients feel helpless that they have successfully navigated the court system, and have spent their own money on legal fees, only to find out that the person they are trying to serve cannot be located, or is actively evading service by moving. These situations present us with an opportunity to be a difference maker for our clients. When we find someone evading service, our clients instantly go from feeling helpless to having the exact location of the person evading service. Our success rate for finding people for the service of process is very high and has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients.

Another more common request we receive for skip tracing is to find a lost relative, old friend, or biological parents. We take great care in understanding our clients’ needs in these situations due to the fact that these matters are very personal. In our investigations, we have successfully re-united or found lost friends from the military, old flames from years past, a biological parent where we didn’t even have the correct last name, broken relationships between parent and child, and located and verified the safety and well-being of a person whose family was concerned. These are just a sample of the many cases we have done – to say the least, our clients were very grateful and relieved in every situation.

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