Specialized Training

Voltron Intelligence is the leader in professional training for the security professional. We deliver all levels of training from our Security Officer Basic Training (SOBT) to Administrative and Management and Academy Programs.
Training is provided to military, paramilitary and law enforcement personnel from across the nation, private and corporate security personnel, and other professionals in the field. A rigorous curriculum includes firearms training, emergency management, and a host of other areas, including academic training, field operations, and simulated situations.
Specialized training techniques and programs, based on a thorough needs assessment, is available.
When public agencies and private organizations partner with Voltron Intelligence to train their safety and security personnel, the result is meticulous preparation, flawless execution, and uncompromising excellence.

Voltron Intelligence Academy

Voltron Intelligence Academy provides professional, comprehensive, practical training. Our programs fuse between the Israeli knowledge and methodologies for counter-terrorism and security, and our instructor’s extensive operational background in the official and private sectors. Our instructors are an integral part of Voltron Intelligence’s operational teams. Their knowledge is derived from extensive fieldwork and real scenarios. They are active operational agents who are committed to the integration of field work and training. The Academy runs various security training programs, security management seminars and courses. We make a thorough assessment of the client’s needs and operations and then recommend the most suitable training solution. Once the exact requirement is established, Voltron Intelligence provides all the necessary physical training and operational practices to establish and operate the client’s security team; whether it is establishing a new Special Forces unit, training a multi-national corporation’s security staff or private security professionals. Our Anti crime/Terrorism training emphasizes the virtues of a resourceful and 'thinking' combatant, allowing graduates to work in unfamiliar scenarios and to operate in environments with high levels of uncertainty.

The following are part of selected courses and seminars offered by our Training Academy:

These services can be provided on a local, national, or international basis.

  1. Training and certification of protection personnel
  2. Personal protection project design and management
  3. Crisis planning for kidnap, extortion and missing person
  4. Rapid response for special events, labor disputes and natural disasters
  5. Protective driver training
  6. Executive seminars for victim avoidance, counter surveillance and evasive driving techniques utilizing hands-on practical exercises
  7. Travel security intelligence and logistics management
  8. Secure transportation of executives and business travelers
  9. Global Positioning System (GPS) – Emergency tracking & monitoring Service
  10. IRS 132/Compliance
  11. Executive protection, Advanced Security Socialist.
  12. Counter-Terrorism Seminars and practical training
  13. Intelligence Training (Humint, Desk)
  14. Krav-Maga, Protective Driving, Medical Care in emergency situations
  15. Aviation/Marine Security Trainings (management, operatives)
  16. Surveillance Detection and Disruption
  17. Security Staff and Management Training
  18. Incident Report Writing
  19. How to Protect Against Identity Theft
  20. Strategic Planning
  21. Computer Security Training Programs
  22. How to Protect Your Staff and Children When Using Social Networking Sites
  23. Terrorism Training Programs (Behavioral Pattern Recognition Training)
  24. Youth Safety Programs
  25. School Safety Programs
  26. Travel Safety Programs
  27. Security management, profiling, security awareness seminars and more.


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