Crime & Intelligence Courses

Our Intelligence course aims at providing you with the necessary information to keep you secured

  • course Introduction to Intelligence & Crime Analysis (3-day workshop in discussing the objectives,benefits and methods used in Intelligence Analysis).
  • Intelligence Analysis Techniques (10-day course covering all fundamentals of crime and other types of analysis).
  • Strategic Intelligence Analysis (5-day course in strategic research and analysis processes).
  • Managing Intelligence (5-day course for supervisors, managers and commanders in using, tasking and monitoring intelligence)
  • Advanced Strategic Analysis (5-day course in applying critical thinking and structured intelligence techniques).
  • Information Search & Data Collection (5-day course in gathering data from various individual and government, non-government, open and confidential sources and applying them to intelligence analysis problems).
  • Basic Statistics for Intelligence Analysis (5-day course in basic use of statistics in crime analysis and counter-terrorism).
  • Interviewing & Debriefing Techniques (5-day course in principles and practice of interviewing/debriefing).
  • Writing for Intelligence (5-day course in how to write intelligence reports of various types).
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