Uniformed Security Service

Voltron Intelligence’ Uniformed Security Service professionals provide asset protection across a broad array of business sectors and work environments. The firm’s officers are trained and focused on the benefits of working as partners in meeting the needs of the company’s clients.

Uniformed Security Service professionals are carefully screened and selected, meticulously trained, continuously monitored, and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure we’re meeting the client’s expectations. Management interviews all candidates thoroughly, conducts background checks, and determines personality/integrity profiles before adding them to the Voltron Intelligence team.

Prior to deployment, all Voltron Intelligence uniformed professionals receive focused new employee and client-specific training from highly experienced personnel management in all facets of the company, security, life safety, and customer service. After deployment, ongoing personal training and eventual supervision and management training are hallmarks of the Voltron Intelligence employee development program.
The turnover of Voltron Intelligence security professionals is significantly lower than the industry norm. That fact is the result of: a belief in and practice of involved supervision and management; rigorous selection policies and practices; higher-than-industry-standard compensation; competitive healthcare and life insurance; and other benefits, which results in the company’s ability to attract and retain the most effective security personnel available.
Whether armed or Unarmed, Voltron Intelligence’ Uniformed Security Service personnel have the reputation of being professional, well prepared and a natural extension of the client’s workforce.
Anti-Terrorism Training
All active security officers are required to successfully pass our Anti-Terrorism Training program. What makes this initiative significant is this training is mandatory for ALL active security officers — regardless of their hire date. We will be the first security provider that will have its entire security force trained in Anti-Terrorism.
This program trains officers to:
  • -Recognize and identify the types of terrorist and terrorist organizations
  • -Become familiar with the methods which terrorists may attack
  • -Learn techniques/responses to bombs, bomb threats, chemical and biological threats

Unarmed Security Service

As the first line of defense for our customers and the representation of our company on the ground, our uniformed employees are amongest our most valuable asset. Personnel are carefully selected, vetted, and thoroughly trained to meet the unique needs of each client. We specifically recruit and hire officers local to each customer account, based on the security requirements at each site. Our evaluation and training of potential officers goes beyond background checks and verification of technical proficiencies; selected candidates’ personal traits and values mesh with the philosophies and expectations of the company and the client to which they are assigned. Ongoing management oversight, continuing education and routine performance evaluations based on agreed-upon key performance indicators further ensure successful Uniformed Security Service and programs.

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